Should You Start Investing Now? The Cost of Waiting Explained.

by | Sep 30, 2023 | Investing, Personal Finance

Picture this: Two friends, same job, same income, and same dreams for the future. Fast forward ten years, and one is sipping cocktails on a beach in Bali, while the other is still pinching pennies and counting vacation days. The difference? One took action on investing, and the other let time slip away.

If you’ve ever wondered about the life-changing effect of investing and what waiting could cost you, keep on reading. Because this article is like a fork in the road. It lays it all out, using real numbers that will make you reflect on which road to take.

Let me start with what a difference just one year of investing vs not investing makes. Because some of you might be procrastinating and not daring getting started or you’ve started buying stocks, but you haven’t fully committed and homed in on your strategy. In this article, we’ll use my investing strategy as an example. There are many other strategies out there that will produce different results.

Meet Alex and Chris: Two Different Paths

Let say that Alex contacted me and wanted to learn how to invest. However, Alex got cold feet and never took the workshop. Instead, Alex camped out on the couch, watched Netflix, and forgot all about investing for the future.

Chris also contacted me, but Chris decided to learn how to invest and took the workshop. After one year, the initial investment of 20000 had grown to 23000. All while Chris was lounging on the couch, watching Netflix, and letting the investment grow. Chris’ return was 3000 in the first year.

After 3 years, still letting the initial investment grow, Chris’ account had grown to 30418 (that’s a return of 10418).

Real-Life Consequences: Vacations, Lifestyles, and Choices

What about Alex? Well, Alex is wondering how Chris could afford to take the family on such a nice vacation. They both work at the same company, so Alex is puzzled by how Chris can afford this while Alex can’t. Alex asks Chris how they could afford this vacation. And that same night Alex contacts me to enroll in the next workshop. Alex wants to learn how to invest.

The year after, Alex earns a 3000 return. All while Chris’ investment has compounded to 34980 because Chris took immediate action.

Fast forward to 2033. Let’s look at Alex and Chris’ investments:

Not getting started does make a big difference. In just one year of investing, we could’ve made a lot of money for you. Don’t be an Alex, Be a Chris! Don’t be an Alex, be a Chris! Join my investing workshop and start investing now.

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