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Hi, I’m Signe Lonholdt,

And you’re likely here because you want to learn how to invest. Welcome, you’ve come to the right place!

The reason to invest in stocks is to get that additional money buffer, so you have the freedom to shape the content of your life. Releasing the feelings you experience now of constantly having to compromise and lowering your expectations to what you can get access to. The money buffer will give you the possibilities that you’re longing for today.

Investionista.com is where you can learn to invest using proven strategies by experts like Warren Buffett, Guy Spier and Phil Town. With a background in journalism and a career at LEGO behind me, I will do my very best to make your learning journey enjoyable and engaging.

To get you started on the site, I suggest that you browse some of the options for how I can help you learn how to invest.

Investing Workshop

Is a stock a good or bad investment? Learn to build long-term financial stability with Warren Buffett’s proven strategy.

Bespoke Plans

Tailored sessions designed just for you, with me as your mentor and guide. 

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The Buffett’s Blueprint Investing Workshop

No more doubt in your ability to invest and no more FOMO.

Join the 7 week online workshop to give you a clear step-by-step roadmap to get started on investing and generate a new source of extra income. Learn how to build financial security so you can create long-term wealth for you and your family.

In the workshop you will learn to make independent investing decisions and to build your wealth using Warren Buffett’s strategy. Though you might think that an expert investor like Buffett uses very complicated strategies to invest, the reality is that he veers away from complexity and instead focuses on making things simple. To quote Buffett: I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over“.

That is the essence of his strategy and I’d love to teach you everything I have learned from the most successful investor. In this workshop the results for students have been getting an extra money cushion that allowed them to chose the content of their life to a greater extend and enjoy things they didn’t have access to earlier. And they got confidence in their own abilities to invest in stocks and overcoming the blockers that kept them from taking action towards financial stability and security.

Spots are limited so click the button below to learn more to get enrolled today.

How I can Help You?

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Learn how to determine if a stock will go up or down using Warren Buffett’s proven strategy. The 7-week workshop gives you a clear, step-by-step investing roadmap.

Individual Training

Gain confidence with personalized sessions catering to your needs. I will be your mentor and guide. This is a great start for beginner investors with no or little investing experience.

Financial Freedom Plan

You’re dreaming of jumping off the hamster wheel some day, and to get there you need a financial independence plan and a concrete freedom money goal to aim for.

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Free Investing Content

Investionista.com is your destination for investing. The site offers a tresure trove of free content such as blog posts, podcasts, and a weekly newsletter.

I’ve Been Where You Are…

and I’ve felt the fear of missing out (FOMO) on investing opportunities. Like many others, I was desperately searching the internet for free resources to learn about investing. Just ending up drowning in information and being too busy with work and juggling family life to really learn anything and leaving me with zero return on the time I spent searching.

I know what it feels like to look at the stock charts and try to guess what will go up. And to buy a stock and hoping it would be a rocket, but not really knowing what I was doing. All I felt was uncertainty and frustration of not understanding the stock market or having a plan. I decided to get educated and took several courses and workshops with different trading and investing methods. What I noticed was that many of these methods was still about guessing and hoping. Until I discovered…

An investing strategy that changed my life.

I’ve now retired from my corporate career and live a life with financial stability. How did I do it? By implementing Warren Buffett’s four investing principles. Taking action and investing my savings. And then doing it again on repeat.

It’s these 4 principles that you can learn in the 7-week Buffett’s Blueprint Workshop. And I would love to teach you because investing is really about creating a better life, and that’s what I want for you.

What the Community Say…

”Thank you so much for offering the free intro course this weekend. It really was life changing for me.

Yesterday was my birthday and your course was the best gift I could have given myself.”

Webinar Participant

“I am relatively new to investing. I came across Signe on Instagram and found a lot of value in the things that she was sharing. I finally reached out, and it was one of the best investing decisions I have made. I now have more confidence than ever when it comes to finding wonderful companies to invest in, and how to determine their intrinsic value as well as the margin of safety price.

Thank you, Signe!”

Colan Nielsen

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Investing Video Training

Investing in stocks can be an emotional journey. It doesn’t have to be. Join me in this one-hour video training, where I’ll guide you on how to use an investing checklist before you buy a stock. Let’s make investing a stress-free experience.

Grab This Investing Checklist

I’ve developed an engaging investing checklist that’s absolutely mandatory to download. This 5-step checklist is based on Warren Buffett’s investing strategy that you can use to make informed decisions before you invest in stocks.

Investing Mastermind Podcast

Me and my co-host Michelle Marki are on a journey of investing like the best investors Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. We seek to inspire and encourage people, especially women, to become investors.

About Signe Lonholdt

Investing Trainer and Mentor

I’m an educated journalist and left my career as a communications and marketing executive at the LEGO Group to pursue my passion for investing. I’m now a full-time investor and investing trainer and mentor. I live in Denmark with my Danish-American family of 4, and besides investing I’m into personal development and growth and love my yoga and meditation practice.

Teaching this investing strategy to beginner investors is my passion and I would love to teach you how to invest and create financial stability for yourself and your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much knowledge about investing do I need to have?

Beginners are welcome.

If you’re looking to learn about investing from taking a workshop, course or getting coaching, you don’t need any prior knowledge about trading stocks or investing.

There’s also plenty of free resources to dive into. You can sign up for my newsletter to get weekly investing articles right to your inbox or listen to the Investing Mastermind Podcast with Michelle Marki and me.

Join the Investionista community – this is a safe space to learn and grow.

How much time is required to work with you?

You’re here to learn and I know that your time is super valuable and you’re probably juggling a lot of things in your life and career.

I want to make sure that you get the most out of working with me so all my programs are tailored millennial business professionals. As an former executive and a mother of two I know everything about optimizing time as much as possible and I’m passionate about ensuring that you get a lot of value when we’re working together. Whether you choose the one-to-one coaching training bundle or the 7-week investing workshop I’m committed to providing practical and helpful services, so you can learn to create financial security and spend more time with your loved ones.

How will i know if i'm ready to start investing?

You’re here for a reason. Maybe you’re curious about investing in stocks or you know deep down inside that it’s time to take action and change the trajectory of your financial future. You can learn a lot from signing up for my newsletter and listening to the Investing Mastermind Podcast, but if you want to supercharge your learning, an investing workshop is for you.

I have a 7-week investing workshop that I call Buffett’s Blueprint and here I will teach you everything to get started investing with confidence, certainty and with low risk so you can get started on creating financial stability for you and your loved ones.

How do I get started?

You’ve decided you’re ready to take the next step and get started getting financially literate and generating an additional income. I’m so happy for you!

To sign up for my 7 -week investing workshop, please follow this link to enrol.

If you would prefer 1:1 training with me as your mentor before you choose your next step, a one-to-one personal training bundle is right for you. Please reach out to me via hi@investionista.com or book a time directly in my calendar.

Remember, that you can think about getting started, you can continue to learn by signing up for my newsletter – but when you schedule it is real! Enroll in the Buffett’s Blueprint Workshop today and take that step to build financial stability.

Get the Freedom Fund cheat sheet today to take the first step towards building financial stability.

Having a dedicated fund helps you weather financial storms, like job loss or unforeseen expenses. In this cheat sheet you get a simple tool to calculate how much you will need in your Freedom Fund. Take the first step towards financial peace of mind.