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Are you facing a mountain of information and not sure how to get started? Let me hold your hand and guide you through so you can start your new financial chapter.

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About Signe Lonholdt

Investing Trainer and Mentor

I’m Signe, and I support beginners build long-term wealth and financial stability with Warren Buffett’s investing strategy.

As an educated journalist, my strength is communication. I’ve studied all the information that Warren Buffett has shared about his investing strategy since the 1960s, and from that information, I created a workshop for beginner investors that teaches his strategy without using jargon or complexity. As a woman in this industry, it’s also important for me to create a safe space for beginners to learn and grow. Where new investors feel comfortable asking questions and sharing experiences without feeling judged.

As a former executive at LEGO Group and the mama of two children, I understand the busy life we live today. Investing gave me an opportunity to retire from my corporate career and focus on my passion: teaching investing and being a mentor for new investors.

My Approach

My Investing approach comes from Warren Buffett’s 4 principles. What initially resonated with me was that his investing method Is a real strategy versus many of the other trading methods I tried out where I was left with guessing that I chose the right stock and hoping it would go up. With Warren Buffett’s strategy I have a step-by-step guide and I by applying the strategy I not only experienced to have monetary success but I also gained confidence in my abilities to select stocks.

Honest Results

This strategy is not a “get-rich-quick scheme” and this workshop is not for you if you hope to become a millionaire by next year. I’m not the mentor you’re looking for.
In this workshop you can learn how to compound long-term wealth and achieve financial stability. It’s about not losing your hard-earned money on risky trades but instead making intelligent investment decisions and being able to spot investment opportunities when they arise — something I can teach you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much knowledge about investing do I need to have?

Beginners are welcome.

If you’re looking to learn about investing from taking a workshop, course or getting coaching, you don’t need any prior knowledge about trading stocks or investing.

There’s also plenty of free resources to dive into. You can sign up for my newsletter to get weekly investing articles right to your inbox or listen to the Investing Mastermind Podcast with Michelle Marki and me.

Join the Investionista community – this is a safe space to learn and grow.

How much time is required to work with you?

You’re here to learn and I know that your time is super valuable and you’re probably juggling a lot of things in your life and career.

I want to make sure that you get the most out of working with me so all my programs are tailored millennial business professionals. As an former executive and a mother of two I know everything about optimizing time as much as possible and I’m passionate about ensuring that you get a lot of value when we’re working together. Whether you choose the one-to-one coaching training bundle or the 7-week investing workshop I’m committed to providing practical and helpful services, so you can learn to create financial security and spend more time with your loved ones.

How will i know if i'm ready to start investing?

You’re here for a reason. Maybe you’re curious about investing in stocks or you know deep down inside that it’s time to take action and change the trajectory of your financial future. You can learn a lot from signing up for my newsletter and listening to the Investing Mastermind Podcast, but if you want to supercharge your learning, an investing workshop is for you.

I have a 7-week investing workshop that I call Buffett’s Blueprint and here I will teach you everything to get started investing with confidence, certainty and with low risk so you can get started on creating financial stability for you and your loved ones.

How do I get started?

You’ve decided you’re ready to take the next step and get started getting financially literate and generating an additional income. I’m so happy for you!

To sign up for my 7 -week investing workshop, please follow this link to enrol.

If you would prefer 1:1 training with me as your mentor before you choose your next step, a one-to-one personal training bundle is right for you. Please reach out to me via hi@investionista.com or book a time directly in my calendar.

Remember, that you can think about getting started, you can continue to learn by signing up for my newsletter – but when you schedule it is real! Enroll in the Buffett’s Blueprint Workshop today and take that step to build financial stability.

Book a Free Consultation

The purpose of investing is to not rely on one source of income. Having that extra cushion besides your primary income and focusing on building long-term wealth and financial stability. If you’re looking to start investing or you’re a beginner with lots of questions but no one to ask, please book a free consultation in my calendar. Together we will explore which of my sessions or programs will match your needs, challenges and goals.