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You’re likely well on your way as an investor, and have a portfolio of stocks.

However, you’ve probably encountered moments when your portfolio went into the red, and you couldn’t pinpoint why. That sinking feeling in your stomach left you wishing for more control over your investments.

Fear not; The checklist is here to assist.

Use this checklist for selecting winning stocks. You’ll gain access to a proven 5-step method for identifying stocks with a higher likelihood of increasing in value.

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What is A Checklist? And is it Right for Me?

You’ve already bought your first stocks and experienced the rocky waters of the stock market.

You’ve felt that stomach-clenching sensation when your portfolio is in the red, and your mind races with questions, contemplating swift decisions and exits while there’s still something left.

Many investors, myself included, have been there. However, here you can learn a strategy that gives confidence when the market is in the red and how to select the stocks that will emerge as winners—high-quality stocks destined to rise.

But how can you distinguish between excellent quality stocks on sale and the junk that’s been made to look good?

Enter checklist!

Because this checklist is going to be your secret sauce to finding the winners. Your friends and colleagues will ask: ‘how do you pick the growth stocks over and over again?’ and you will be able to share your winning strategy with them: The investor’s checklist.


My name is Signe Lonholdt,

and I’m an Investing Mentor. Since 2021, I’ve been helping seasoned investors as well as beginners make intelligent investing decisions. I’m an expert in Warren Buffett’s investing strategy, and I’ve created this checklist based on information from the most successful investor of all time. I’ve used my communication skills to clearly and effectively distill Buffett’s teachings into a modern and relevant checklist that helps investors weed out the low-quality stocks and eliminate expensive mistakes. With this checklist, your aim is to keep your portfolio in the green.


From Lottery To Strategy

As an investor, you want your stock price to increase in value. And with a checklist, there’s a higher probability that you will find quality stocks to invest in instead of buying a dud.

A checklist like this one is used by many professionals – but don’t worry: You won’t find complicated math or jargon. I’ve translated all the difficult language so you can go through each step and focus on finding great stocks.

Download the checklist today and make better decisions.

The Investor’s Checklist Will Help You With:

Eliminate Expensive Mistakes

The Investor’s Checklist is your guide to making informed decisions and, most importantly, eliminating expensive mistakes in your investment journey.

Spot the Growth Stock

The Investor’s Checklist empowers you to confidently spot the growth stocks that have the potential to supercharge your portfolio.

Weed out the junk stocks that looks pretty on the surface

The investor’s checklist provides you with the sharp eye needed to weed out the tempting but ultimately worthless ‘junk’ stocks that may appear attractive but turns out to be bad for your portfolio.

The Good News?

Everyone Can Use This Checklist!

You can use your own tempo when you use this checklist. Some prefer to move swiftly through each of the steps, while others enjoy delving into details.

Regardless of whether you prefer a quick overview or a deep dive, this list is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your preferences.

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