Stocks Made Simple

Tailored sessions to help you Build AN extra Money cushion without working harder.

How did your friend afford that trip? How can your neighbors afford that car? Why can’t you afford these experiences and nice things?

People around you are buying stocks, but you just can’t get over the hurdle and get started. The stock market offer opportunities that you can take advantage of – if you find the right mentor. I’m Signe and I can help you create financial stability and long-term wealth by teaching you how to buy and sell stocks.

3 mentoring sessions with me is a great start for you if you’re a busy person with no or little investing experience. Instead of spending hours scattering for information on the web, you can get started right now.

I will teach you what you need to know to get started buying stocks, so your money works for you while you sleep.

You get one-to-one sessions with customized topics catering your specific needs to get you started. This is perfect for someone who have never bought stocks yet or have just started and need extra knowledge, support and training.

Is This You?

Why mentees reach out to me.

Hiring a mentor can get you started buying stocks right away and you have a person you can ask all your questions to. No more FOMO (fear of missing out) on opportunities – instead you will learn how the stock market works and how you can generate a new source of income.

You might recognize yourself in the headlines below, because these are the main pain points that previous mentees mentioned was their greatest obstacles and what made them hire me as their mentor. I would love to work with you too if you can identify with any of these pain points and obstacles:

I'm standing in front of a mountain of info and it's overwhelming

There’s no lack of information out there, but the complexity and uncertainties associated with the mountain of information makes it difficult for many to get started. Having a mentor can help you with the best strategy for you, and navigate you through the financial jargon.

I can't do this on my own because I don't want to loose my money.

The choices when it comes to investing are limitless and without the guidance and support, many experience that they are left to their own devices. The right mentor will guide and support your through the process with personalized sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals.

I have such a busy life - I feel this is an extra "job".

Commitments at work and busy family schedules – we are more busy than ever before in history and plowing through information online to learn something you KNOW is important just adds to the stress and fear of missing out. It’s overwhelming and the solution is to invest in a mentor that can fast track your knowledge so your money can work for you.

I see other people are actively investing but I can't get started.

Beginner investors may feel hesitant and lack confidence when it comes to investing, especially if you have little to no prior experience in the financial markets it can feel overwhelming. The right mentor is there to support you and knows how to simplify and create clarity for you. 

Overcoming the Unknown

Getting started with investing in stocks can be an incredibly high hurdle to jump over for many people. There are so many unknowns for beginners. Are you hesitating because of the complex language? Or do you think that you need a lot of money to get started. Maybe there’s difficult math? And then there’s the greatest risk: to lose your hard earned money.

At the same time it can feel like a heavy burden on your shoulders to not get started. Your friends or colleagues are talking about the stock market. While you are missing out on additional sources of income and only rely on your salary and savings. 

Not being active in the stockmarket means missing out on the opportunity to grow your wealth and secure a better financial future for yourself. If you feel the fear of missing out, you are not alone. It’s a very common feeling.

One thing to be very aware of especially these days is how inflation will make your savings worth less. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of your money over time. While it might feel safe to keep your savings in a bank account, the yield is so low that you risk that your savings are losing value in the long run. Investing can help you stay ahead of inflation, ensuring that your money grows at a rate that surpasses the rising cost of living.

In conclusion: be mindful of not letting the barriers and challenges prevent you from investing. The personalized 1-1 mentoring sessions are designed to address your unique needs, empower you with knowledge and confidence, and guide you towards financial success. By investing in yourself through our training, you can overcome the reasons that have held you back.

3 Reasons Why You Struggle to Buy Stocks

(Even Though You’ve Followed Online Channels to Learn).

1. Information Overload.

The abundance of information available online can end up being confusing and overwhelming. Many beginners find the advice online useful but get too overwhelmed to act. If you feel like sorting through vast amounts of content and potentially even conflicting advice can creates confusion for you, you’re not alone! It really can hinder your ability to make confident investment decisions. Being able to sift through what is sound and useful information and advice online and which statements are too good to be true is such a huge relief for many of my mentees.

2. Lack of Personalized Guidance.

Online channels provide a wealth of information about investing, but they often lack the personalized guidance necessary for a beginner to get started. Generic advice and cookie-cutter strategies often fail to address your unique circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance. Without tailored advice and support, it can be challenging to translate all the theoretical knowledge into practical action. That’s where I come in. As your dedicated investing mentor, I hold your hand and offer the personalized guidance you need to confidently navigate the complex landscape of investments.

3. Fear of Making Mistakes.

Investing involves risk, and the fear of making mistakes can be a significant and understandable barrier. The fear of losing money or making wrong choices can cause hesitation and prevent many from taking the necessary steps to start investing.

But taking the first step and investing in your knowledge is not risky. You are guaranteed to learn about finances from our 1-1 sessions and if you’re like my other mentees, you will also be ready to take the next gentle step after our meetings.

With 1:1 Training You Will Get:

There’s No “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach to Investing


    Personalized Guidance: Unlike generic online resources, a one-to-one training session provides personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals.


    Step-by-step approach: We will take it from the very beginning of where you are and wether your first desired result is to understand what is the first step or you’ve already bought your first stocks, the training will cater your level and your specific needs. Staying within your comfort zone is key.


    Practical Skills and Strategies: The training session will cover the basic concepts and techniques related to investing in stocks and with no complex jargon or math. You will leave the session equipped with actionable insights and steps to implement in your investment activities.


    Risk Management and Mitigation: Understanding and managing risk is a crucial aspect of successful investing. This knowledge empowers you to make more informed decisions and navigate the market with a focus on preserving wealth.

    Overall, the result of a one-to-one investing in stocks training session is an enhanced level of knowledge, confidence, and practical skills that enable you to make informed investment decisions, manage risk effectively, and work towards achieving your financial goals.


    What the Community Say…

    Just reading books and navigating online on my own was totally overwhelming.

    I enjoyed the more hands on approach, and also the personable touch to it.

    Cyn Bodin

    about Signe lonholdt

    I’ve Been Where You Are…

    and I’ve felt the fear of missing out (FOMO) on investing opportunities. Like many others, I was desperately searching the internet for free resources to learn about investing. Just ending up drowning in information and being too busy with work and juggling family life to really learn anything and leaving me with zero return on the time I spent searching.

    I know what it feels like to look at the stock charts and try to guess what will go up. And to buy a stock and hoping it would be a rocket, but not really knowing what I was doing. All I felt was uncertainty and frustration of not understanding the stock market or having a plan. I decided to get educated and took several courses and workshops with different trading and investing methods. What I noticed was that many of these methods was still about guessing and hoping. Until I discovered an investing strategy that changed my life. It’s the strategy that I’m teaching here on Investionista and in my sessions and workshop. I’ve now retired from my corporate career and live a life with financial stability.

    My Approach to Investing in Stocks

    If you’re a new investor it can feel like jumping over a 7-foot bar to get started trading stocks, but getting the help you need from a trainer can put you in a place where you have the knowledge and skills that will make investing feel like it’s a one-foot bar you can easily step over. I would be delighted to teach you and help you get started.

    Long-Term Wealth

    Investing for lasting wealth and financial stability.

    Keep it Simple

    Simplifying stock trading for confident decision-making.

    Routines and Practice

    Nurturing effective investing habits and routines for consistent momentum.

    Building a Plan for YOU and YOUR Goals

    With a training bundle of 3 sessions you’ll receive one-on-one mentoring and guidance from me, ensuring that you receive the individual attention necessary for your success. Unlock your financial potential with personalized training sessions designed specifically for you. Build a solid foundation and gain the confidence you need to achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re new to investing or have limited experience, my tailored sessions will provide the guidance and knowledge you need to get started in the stock market. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself and take control of your financial future.

    What Will You Get With Training?


    You’ll get the information you need right not to take the first step towards financial stability.


    With the one-to-one training sessions I’m here to help you. During our time together you get my time and support.


    Because the training sessions are tailored your needs we will aim at the results you want to achieve.

    “The Most Stressful thought I have about not investing, is that I’m missing out.”


    Mountain View, California

    1:1 Training Sessions for Beginners

    With the 3-session training you get a personal and confidential program that is tailored for your specific needs. This training bundle with three sessions is specifically for you, who never invested or for the beginner, who’re looking for mentoring guidence. With personal training you move faster and smoother towards your financial goals.

    With 1:1 Training You will get:

    • Package of 3 personal investing training sessions with Signe Lonholdt as your mentor. We start out with a deep-dive 75 minute session. The remaining sessions are typically 1 hour each. All sessions are 1:1, meaning it’s just you and me, focusing on you and your situation in a confidential, online space on Microsoft Teams. We generally meet every 2-3 weeks, ensuring continuous progress and providing you with support whenever you need it.

    • I have a wide range of guides and templates specifically tailored to support your investing practice. You will receive the relevant resources as we progress, without any extra cost. These valuable tools are designed to save you time, alleviate the need for independent research, and helping you save time towards achieving your investing objectives.

    • Recorded videos of every session (if you prefer), enabling you to revisit and reflect on my responses and access the insights we have covered when you need it.

    You’ll have me as your personal investing mentor, so you won’t have to face it all alone.

    Are you ready to achieve your next dreams and goals more simply and quickly?

    How Much Does The Training Cost?

    Your total investment for the three training sessions is €847 EUR.

    Included in this price is three sessions of personal 1:1 investing training sessions with Signe Lonholdt.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much knowledge about investing do I need to have?

    The sessions are specifically tailored to someone, who has no to little prior knowledge about investing in stocks. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have limited experience, I’ll meet you where you are in your investing journey.

    With my expertise and experience, I understand that everyone’s investing journey is different. That’s why I tailor my training sessions to suit your specific needs and goals.

    Can I bring my partner?

    Yes, you can absolutely join the session with your significant other. It’s important to go through this new journey with your partner, so you’re both on the same wavelength when it comes to taking financial decisions and achieve shared goals. If you are joining with your partner, please let me know in advance.

    I don't have Microsoft Teams - can we meet on Zoom?

    Zoom only allows us to meet for 40 minutes at a time, while we can ? the session on Microsoft Teams for the full duration of the training. MS Teams is very easy to use – you can either use it from your browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari etc.), download an app to your mobile phone or download the teams app if you have the Windows package on your computer. The best experience is to join on your computer either via your browser or Windows app, as I might be sharing important information on the screen.

    How do I get started?

    To take the first step, simply book your initial session through my booking module.

    Our trainings together begins with a 75-minute session dedicated to understanding your unique investing goals and current situation. From there, we will schedule the remaining two sessions, typically lasting 1 hour each.

    All our sessions are conducted in a confidential online space using Microsoft Teams. It’s a one-on-one experience where the focus is exclusively on you and your specific needs. Our meetings, tailored to fit your busy schedule, will take place every 2-3 weeks, ensuring consistent progress and support.


    Investing Is More Than Just Buying Stocks. But It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

    Investing doesn’t have to be hard especially when you have the right guidance and support to help you on your way. In my training sessions I will simplify the process for you and demystify complex concepts so you will feel more balanced and being able to make informed investment decisions. With my one-to-one training sessions, busy individuals with little or no investing experience can learn how to feel successful at investing and embark on their own path of financial stability and achieve their financial goals.

    Still undecided? The training will be worth every penny if you:

    Want to gain the confidence to navigate the complexities of investing and make informed decisions.

    Build a solid financial future and achieving financial stability. Learn how to make your money work for you and to generate long-term results.

    Are concerned about the potential risks involved in investing and want to learn strategies to mitigate these risks. It’s about the balance between maximizing returns and preserving your hard earned money.

    Get Training!

    Please note that, spots for the training bundle are limited because of my commitment to focus on the beginner investors that I am currently working with. If there’s a waitlist, rest assured that once you’re in the program, you’ll have my focus and dedication.

    What you will get:

    • A package of 3 investing training sessions led by Signe Lonholdt.
    • Guides and templates designed to support your unique investing journey.
    • Dedicated training focused on your specific needs as a new investor.

    Each session is structured to help you with your specific needs and goals. By focusing on your individual circumstances, we’ll demystify the concepts behind investing in stocks.

    Total price for the 3 sessions is €847 EUR

    This is how you book training:

    Step 1: Click on the button below that will take you to my booking system and find a date and time in my calendar that fits you.

    Step 2: Once you’ve booked time you will receive an email with a payment link. We take all international credit cards. 

    Step 3: After completing the booking you will receive a welcome email with questions from me to reflect on before our first meeting. You will also get the Microsoft Teams meeting invitation.

    Details about the sessions:

    When your scheduled time arrives, simply click the meeting invitation and join the Microsoft Teams online call. We begin with an in-depth 75-minute session to establish your goals and lay the foundation. The remaining sessions, typically 1 hour each, will dive deeper into key investing strategies and where I will address your questions.

    You’ll have exclusive 1:1 sessions with me in a confidential online space on Microsoft Teams. After the first session we will meet regularly, every 2-3 weeks, ensuring continuous progress and providing ongoing support whenever you need it.

    With me as your mentor, you will be able to navigate the complexities of investing and empower you to achieve your financial goals. This is your opportunity to receive personalized guidance from an experienced mentor.